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As Featured In
Doug Foresta

Doug Foresta, LICSW

Dear Coach, Therapist, Speaker or Author,

Does the following describe you?

I know exactly what that feels like. Five years ago I started online without knowing anything about marketing or podcasting. All I knew is that I had a message I wanted to share with the world. I wanted to inspire others to have the courage to create and share their work with the world.

I started a show on Blog Talk Radio called The Doug Foresta Show. I had very few listeners in the beginning and no real plan.

I made a ton of mistakes trying to do it myself, and finally invested in coaching and mentoring with some of the top marketing gurus.

Five years later, I host and produce 3 internet radio shows: Creating Change on Empower Radio and iHeartRadio, The Coachzing Show on iTunes and The Doug Foresta Show (yes, I still have my original show).

Through my shows I’ve been able to reach over 100,000 people, share my message worldwide and help hundreds of coaches, therapists and speakers create their own podcasts that build their platform and their business.

I’ve developed a system that has allowed all of my coaching clients to hit the iTunes New and Noteworthy, continue to add hundreds of listeners to their shows each day, and convert those listeners into paying clients and raving fans.

What’s most important to me is that I ONLY work with people who create podcasts that uplift and inspire others. It’s deeply rewarding to know that my coaching clients are sharing their message of transformation with listeners from all over the world from the comfort of their own home or office.

Would you like to learn how to do this?

Then I encourage you to sign up for my FREE audio course “How to Get Your Message Out In a Big Way” In this course, I share with you the BEST of what I know about how to create a podcast that expands your reach, shares your message with those who most need to hear it, and helps you build your online platform. You’ll also get ongoing access to complimentary webinars with advanced strategies for marketing and growing your podcast.

As I always say on my show, Creating Change: Keep creating, the world needs your gifts! If you’ve been hiding out and playing small, NOW is the time to take an action towards sharing your message with the world in a bigger way. I would be honored to be your guide on this journey.

Here's what people are saying:

“I’ve been following the stuff Doug says to do. It really works! He’s an amazing host and his shows have lots and lots of value.”

Terri Levine Terri Levine
Bestselling Author
Worldwide Leading Executive and Business Coach

"When I started the book proposal process, I realized I needed a much larger following to get publishers to take notice of me and my message. I knew a podcast would be a great way to spread my message and reach a broader audience, but launching a podcast that people would actually listen to seemed like a near impossible task. I didn’t know where to even start. Enter: Doug Foresta. Doug guided me through every step of the process. Together we crafted the right podcast format for my goals, brushed up my radio skills, navigated all the technical ins and outs of podcast recording, hosting, and publishing, implemented a killer marketing strategy, and launched Roller Derby for the Soul on iTunes. Within 24 hours, my show was on iTunes' New and Noteworthy and it’s still climbing to the top! And bonus - turns out that I LOVE podcasting! Who knew?! Thank you, Doug!"

Coach Jennie Coach Jennie
The Audacity Coach

"As a frequent guest on Doug’s show, I can attest to both his professionalism as an interviewer and his clear knowledge of the in’s and out’s of producing quality programs. You couldn’t ask for a better teacher and guide through the process."

Dennis Palumbo Dennis Palumbo
Licensed Psychotherapist and Award-Winning Author
(Screenwriter, Welcome Back Kotter & My Favorite Year)

I had the opportunity to coach with Doug Foresta for my radio show, Healing Yourself with Lucinda Smith. It was a very rewarding experience! Doug knows the podcast business and provides excellent guidance through the maze of set up and the complete execution process. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach! One of the things I loved about coaching with him is he never assumes the program is complete. He is always looking for ways to improve upon the content he already offers. You get so much more with Doug! If you can coach with him do it and if you cant then find a way!"

Lucinda Smith Lucinda Smith
Life Coach/Intuitive Healer

"Doug Foresta got me into radio. I'm an introvert. It never would have crossed my mind, but Doug showed me how. My first show was little more than a leap of faith. Doug showed tremendous leadership and generosity in getting me started. He even agreed to be the guest on my inaugural show. Very quickly, it became evident that this was a key part of my business and a way to connect with thought leaders across the globe. One day during my retreats, I met a woman named Maggie Baumer who had been unfairly treated in the online media, causing distress to her and her family. I realized I had a powerful story-telling tool at my fingertips. Knowing that the best way to beat a bad or false story is with one that is better and true, I had her on my show. That episode has 2,693 listens so far and Maggie has received support from people all over the world. With Doug's guidance, I have been able to build my brand, make connections with amazing people, and give voice to those who wish to share their gifts or speak their truth. Doug Foresta has my highest recommendation and complete support."

Jeff Rock Jeff Rock
Founder & Chief Insight Officer
Swift River Coaching, LLC

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